My whole life as far back as I can remember my parents have never showed me much love nor have they care much about me. I grew up with 3 brothers who were the ones my parents really loved. Two were older one was about 5 years younger.

I can still remember the times my parents told me how stupid I was and how much of a bad decision they had made in having me, I felt pretty worthless. They also had quite a temper and could explode over nothing at times hitting me and the rest of the time they just brushed everything passed as if they didn't care one bit. My parents also drank and smoked a lot by noon my mom would be drunk and as soon as my dad cae home from work he would be the same. I was embarrsed by them and ashamed so I tried to spend as much time away from the house as I could.

 They didn't care much about what i did either. As long as I didn't bother them it simply didn't bother them.

When I was 11 I started hanging out with the "wrong crowd" a bunch of kids all older then me from my neighborhood. By the time I was 12 I was drinking and smoking. By 13 I dropped out of school, not that I had been going there much in the past year. When I told my parents my decision to "quit" school they laughed and said "so what" after all according to them I was too stupid anyway I might as well leave.

I had sex for the first time when I was only 13 with a guy named Rob who was 19. All I can remember is getting very drunk and him taking me back to his flat, everything else is blurry except waking up in the bed next to him the morning after. When I went home my parents hadn't even noticed the fact I wasn't there so thats when I started sleeping around and staying at Robs house all the time.

I found out Rob had slept with 2 other girls(and thats the ones I know of!!) while he was with me. To get back at Rob I stupidly slept with two other guys I pretty much didn't know thinking it would make me feel better some how but it didn't. After that I broke up with him.

Soon after a very close friend of mine Nicholas asked me out. He was cute, funny and kind so of course I said yes. Two months into us dating I fell pregnant but it wasn't another two months before I realized or allowed myself to realize.

When I told Nick that a baby was growing inside me, not just any baby, his baby I expected him to runaway, to turn his back on me. But to my surprise Nick was scared but also excited. Scared since I was only 14 1/2 and he was not quite 17 yet and excited because of this huge adventure ahead of us.

We told Nicks parents first who said they would support us what ever decision we made and who couldn't have been nicer about the whole situation. By the time I was 4months pregnant I couldn't hide it much longer so I decided to tell my parents.

My parents rambled on about how it was all my fault and if I hadn't been so stupid then it wouldn't have happened. They also told me I better get rid of "it" because "it" would not be aloud under their roof.

When Nicks parents heard what my parents had said they strait away told me there was always room in their house for me no matter what. This baby was going to be their grand-child and they would do what ever it took to insure it grew up happy.

With in a month I had moved out of my house and into Nicks place. I have to say it was the best decision of my life, ever. Since day one Nicks parents have treated me as their own daughter, they are always there for me when ever I need them.

At 15 years old I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Noah. Together Nicholas and I have been able to, although at times bumpy, take care of "our" son together to the best of our abilities.

Its been a tough 9months(thats how old Noah is!!) but worth every second.