I don't see myself as a mother to my child but just another girl who had an abortion. On 7th March 2008 was the day my world fell apart. I aborted my 2nd child at 11 weeks. I had my first baby August 2007 and got pg when I was on the pill. I was going to continue with the pregnancy to start with and was bleeding at 5 weeks and had an early scan.
My partner would support me either way but it was up to me. I was very confused and emotional and didn't think I would cope with 2 children under 2. I rushed into my abortion and now I am full of regret, guilt and hate. I had no counseling which I wanted and was not fully informed of the after effects. I am different and my life will never be the same. As I feel I killed my baby. I keep wondering what if, how far etc. I want another baby so badly that I feel all I see is newborns and bumps and think that should be me. Remember I made my choice and now wish I could rewind. I feel alone and people just expect me to get over it. I can't my baby should still be with me growing but I decided to end that and I regret it. Please think before you act, abortion is very hard and should not be taken lightly. I am only 25 years old and I have to live with this forever.