It all started when i started dating wes. I was barely 15 when i started dating him. He keep bugging me and i finally caved and lost my virginity 2 months into the relationship. A month after that i got pregnant. I told my mom i was pregnant and she flipped out. She called his parents and we all met at the urgent care. They gave me a pee test but it came back negative. I knew i was though . I went to Planned Parenthood a couple weeks later and they confirmed the pregnancy. The whole time i was trying to figure out what i was going to do his parents keep telling me if i ever did get pregnant that abortion was the only option and that wes was too young to have a baby. When i showed wes the test results that confirmed it he pressured me into an abortion. I was 5 weeks along. I regret doing that soooooooooo much. I named the baby Bailey Skye.

We didn't really talk about the abortion after it happened. I noticed after everything he started getting very mean. He would yell at me and thats when the abuse started. If i did something wrong i would get hit. I was too afraid to leave him and he said if i did he would hurt me so i put up with it. I refused him sex so whenever he wanted to he pinned me down and raped me. 6 months later i got pregnant again. I was keeping this baby though. Wes was furious when i told him. I lost the baby at 11 weeks due to a miscarriage though. I named the baby Jordin Blaire. I miss that baby sooooo much. It really affected me. I let myself go. I didn't dress up or put make up on. I just gave up.

Wes continued to rape me whenever he wanted. Then 3 months later. Everything would change. I found out once again i was pregnant. I went and got my ultrasound and found out i was having twins =] I was soooo happy. I had even gotten up enough courage to finally dump wes. When i went to his house to tell him and to end it he was downstairs on the computer. When i got down there i told him i was pregnant with twins. He yelled and called me a whore and said they weren't his, even though i haven't slept with anyone else. I told him it was over and he slapped me across the face. I knew it was going to get rough so i quickly put my jacket on and ran up the stairs to leave. Before i got to the top of the stairs he grabbed my jacket and pulled me back. I feel down the stairs hard. He grabbed me and pinned me on the floor. He raped me. I felt really nautious though so i leaned forward and started coughing. I coughed up blood onto his white shirt. He got very angry and started hitting me. I kicked him and ran into the bathroom and locked to door. I threw up for like 5 minutes straight. When i went to stand up i felt a huge gush of blood down my leg. The pain got very bad so i just laid on the floor and screamed and cried. I laid there for like 45 minutes when wes finally found something to open the door with. He looked at me on the floor and saw the blood and said good you lost the little bastards. I miss my twins soooo much. I tried being strong for them but he overpowered me. I named them Jayden Mitchell and Audrina Rose. They were 9 weeks.

I haven't talked to wes in months. Losing all the babies didn't effect him one bit but it affects me everyday. I haven't gotten over any of it yet. It was the worst 18 months ever but i dont regret my babies one bit, i only wish i had them with me in my arms. I finally told my parents a couple weeks ago about all the pregnancies and how abusive wes was. Im in therapy now but its so hard to see babies and pregnant women. Yesterday was mothers day and i wasn't even acknowleged by my family. I feel so alone.