So i'm 18 years old and i found out i was pregnant in january… it was a big shock for me because it was totally unplanned… i was 8 hours away from home and scared like crazy… it hadn't even crossed my mind until i realized i was late… i didnt think i was pregnant but it wouldn't leave the back of my mind so one day i went to walmart and took a test and sure enough it was positive i didnt believe it at 1st it took another test and a clinic visit later to finally beleive it… i wasn't sure what i was going to do… i knew exactly who the father was but i also knew what he'd say. You see im not with my baby's daddy, i never officially was i've known him for 4years and he was my first love and basically first everything… we always had a very complicated relationship and i knew this wasnt going to be easy. I hadnt even talked to him since i went back home the month before for christmas… around the same time i must of conceived. A few days after i went to the clinic i decided it was time to tell my sister i told her and thats when it hit me… this was really happening… i really was pregnant.. the very next day my other sisiter came to pick me up and bring me back home. I didn't know what else to do so i gave up the life i spent the last 5 months trying to make for myself. I was trying to get my life back on track i was tired of messing mine up and it seemed like i was doing good i was studying hard for the pharmacy tech program i was in, i had cooled down on the partying and drinking, and even sex…and even tho up until that night i hadn't had sex in a long time thats all it takes… one time… and in one night i changed my life forever without even knowing it.. After coming home i was pretty confused i didn't really want to talk about it i wasnt sure how i really felt but i knew i couldn't have an abortion not that im against it but it wasn't the right choice for me. I finally told the baby's daddy and he took it better then i expected but still wasnt ready to commit to being a daddy and i wasnt going to make him it was his choice just like it was my choice to keep it. And even though i was keeping it i don't think i was happy about it at first i was to scared but sumwhere along the line that all changed i want this baby now it may have been unplanned but it was not a mistake. Everything happens for a reason… Now i'm 14 weeks pregnant and although at times i just want to go back i know i made the right choice. Its not always easy especially since not everyone is supportive and the baby's daddy and i kind of had a big falling out and aren't speaking, I know in the end when i have a beautiful baby to hold and it will all be worth it.