my story …….. when i was 13 i fell in love for the first time with a guy named kyle andrew baron! i loved that kid to death  .. i lost my virginty  2 weeks befor my 15th birthday ad you know how people say  you cant get prego the first time well you can…. i found out 3 weeks later i was going to be a mommy i was really scared and didnt know what to do, i told kyle and he was just as worried as i was  we told out parents  my mom was upset she cried for days but she said she would back me up with what ever i chose to do, kyle got me a promise ring for our 1 yr togeather and i thought every thing was goin to get better,( i was keepin the baby) after a while   i was really happy  i couldnt wait to be a mommy. but i lost the baby  a mont and a half in i lost the baby the docter said my boday wasent healthy enough to  have a baby. i was devistated and so was kyle  so we tried again and again and finaly 7 monts later i got prego again , and sadly i lost the baby  2 monts in the sec time i was destroyed, kyle was rite by my side the whole time, at 2 years he asked me to merry him and i said yes he gave me a beautifuke ring and every thing,  did i forget to say kyles parents heted me, and me and kyle lived next to each other, so i was the girl next door….. i had to move   we moved 45 min away from each other and his parents cut us off  they took his car keys, cell phine computer every thing so he couldnt talk to me , and i found out after 2 yrs and 7 months og beight togeather he cheated on me, it broke my heart into peices =[  but i was lucky that cheyenne(my bf now) came along and picked up the peices  we have been togeather for 6 months and i really do love this boy =]

there is more to my story if you would like to know ant thing then please let me know