My Story….

My nickname is Red, I’m 15 years old, soon to be 16 in February. I may be 4 weeks pregnant by my boyfriend Gucci (not his name but a nickname), who is 19.I have only been dating him for 4 months and i know it is not a long time, especially compared to this boy i have known for Two years and am deeply in love with, (we’ll call him
Boosie). Gucci is very supportive

and i know he will make a great father but on the other hand i wonder do i really want to have his baby? Abortion is not an option for me. Boosie really don’t want me having the baby and has told me before he doesn’t n that we wouldn’t talk like we talk but i don’t want to lose him. I do however understand that if he loves me then he would find a way to love me through whatever even though he would be hurt we could get through it. if he did end up leaving me or gradually letting me go i would be hurt in the beginning but i have something much more to think about. Because Gucci is 19 and im 15 legally that is statutory rape so he could face jail as well as other offences. So until I am 16 i think it is best for him not to be involved. I’ll be 16 in February 2010 and the baby {hopefully} would be due in June 2010 so he would be involved before and during the birth of the baby. So no matter what road me and Boosie travel I know ill always have Gucci {I pray I do} there is another involved but he is an ex who just recently came back into the picture. More to be announced on him later. To sum it up i love Boosie wit all my heart but sometimes sacrifices have to be made as consequences to the decisions we make…more to come..

love Red {Babydaddymariolovesshaad16}