I became pregnant at 20, luckily my family supported me with my decision to keep my baby. The first 3 months were perfect, i had no morning sickness or any symptoms for that matter. As the pregnancy went on i started to have high boold pressure, diabities, and ALOT of water retension. I went on like this for 3 months and my symptoms were getting worse.


One day on a routine appointment my blood pressure was extremly high, they would not allow me to go home. i later found out i had pre eclampsia. i had spent 3 days in the hospital with every medical equipment u can think of attached to me. on the third day they had told me they were going to preform an emergency c-section, if they didnt my daughter and i would have died within a couple of days.


I gave birth to her at 31 weeks, 4 days, she was 2p 2oz and later droped to 1p 7oz. she was in the hospital for the first 2 months of her life. Thankfully today she is 5 months old at 10p , still pretty small but she is very healthy, and i thank god every day that she made it.