I'm 16 years old, and I'm 19 weeks pregnant. I find out what the sex of my baby Nov.8th which is only 9 days away, I'm soooo excited! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so brave to share your stories. I have grown up soo much already. I was living a crazy life style, drinking waay to much, hanging out with the wrong people.. You get the idea. BUT, believe it or not this is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, despite what people have to say. In some ways I think it's saved my life. I'm single, the father of my baby is (lets just say irresponsible) and has moved away. So I just wanted to let all the ladies (young and old) who are doing this alone, I feel for you!! Sometimes it feels like its just too hard to go on,  like your life is being ripped away. Trust me, I know what its like to sit at home every night by yourself. Your "friends" have just seemed to vanish., people look at you and treat you differently. It may seem like everything is crashing down, but remember what you have to look forward too, a beautiful little being that you've created, who is going to need you just as much as you need them.

 Much love,