This is really hard for me to write, but I think I need to tell it. My story. Iam going to write it in parts because it is so hard to write. I promise this story is 100% true, even the unbelivable parts…

 Well let's start with the beginning. I was born on Jan.2,1993 right outside Los Angeles, California. I was the only child, well at least the only live child, born to my mother . My father was never in the picture and I, to this day, know not one thing about him. My mother used me as bait to get drugs. Drug dealers liked little girls and would give my mom cheaper chrystal meth. So up untill the age of seven I was molested by countless men.

I was sent to live with my twenty year old cousin when I was seven. She wasn't much better.

By the time I was twelve, I had smoked quite a few joints, tried acid, ect…I had a lot of boyfirends, most of them over five years older then me. My cousin Jacey didn't care what I did, how late I staid out ect…

I lost my viginity at the ripe old age of twelve(sarcasm). The same day that I had sex for the first time I met a boy named Tristan. He found me tripped up on acid and brought me back to his apartment. I wasn't used to someone being genuanly kind so I flipped out on him.

The next day he showed up at my house. I felt kind of bad so I invited him in. Please don't judge me for this because I am not the same person as I was then, but I told him I would give him a blow job. His eye's got huge and he very politly declined. I was really confused by now, I mean hadn't I learned that all guys were only there to use you.

Tristan slowly earned my trust. We were just friends, nothing more. When I was emancipated he helped me stay on my feet.

 Then one day, one of my best friends commited suicide. I called him and he picked me up from school. He took me back to his apartment.

 I clung to him and he let me cry all night. I hadn't cried since the day my mother left me with Jacey. I told him that and he kissed me, and it just escilated.

I was fourteen years and three months old when I found out I pregnant for the fist time.