I became pregnant at 17. I had no idea until one morning, a week before my senior year, i started puking my guts up. I was constantly tired. So tired i couldnt even drag myself out of bed, I'd sleep through my alarm clock. I didnt know what was going on, but i hadnt notice my period was absent for 2 month prior. I never had a regular one so i wasnt worried. When i looked at my boyfriend and told him him i was pregnant, he denied it. "You can't be, it isnt possible." He said it about  a million times that day. I was on birthcontrol, and we had used condoms, but it was still true. So i went to the doctor, and she told me that i was in fact 10 weeks pregnant. Before i could get my first ultrasound my mom sent me away to an all girls home. I was there for 3 1/2 months with no communication to my boyfriend. He didnt even know where i was. When i finally got my first ultrasound i was 18 weeks..i found of the sex of my baby, and that it was twins!

Having twins didnt hit me until they were both in my arms. It definatly has not been easy. I have no support from my family, because they think i should have given them up. But i knew i was going to be able to do this, i kn ew i could prove everyone wrong. But being a teenage mother has been the moast difficult thing in my life. I didnt finish highschool, so i watched all my friends have an amazing senior prom, walk across stage, go to football games, do senior activites, and be a teenager after highschool..

I used to have alot of resentment towards them for not being able to have my senior year. But i've realized now that i wouldnt trade anything for this experience. Because for some reason, i was blessed with two beautiful babies, because twins are nowwhere in our families. Everyone always asks "Do twins run in the family?" I smile back and reply "They do now…"