Hey everyone! My name is Jessica, I'm 18 years old, and my daughter Morgan Brooke Payne was born July 6th, 2007!

On Halloween I found out I was pregnant with a home pregnancy test. I told my boyfriend and he just hugged me. We had been together for a little over a year. For the first few weeks he acted weird and depressed about it but he eventually got over it and got really excited about it.

Two days later I turned 18. We did didn't tell our families until Christmas when I was 12 weeks. My family was mad and Billy's family was excited. Billy and I were in love so it didn't matter either way.

All of a sudden when I was 35 weeks pregnant he said he was breaking up with me so I took off my ring and tried to give it back to him and he started crying and said he couldn't do it. Well he was seeing another girl he cheated on me for the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy!

On July 3rd I started having contractions. I had a dr appointment that day and she said labor had started but it could be a day or it might be a week. I went to the hospital 3 times before they finally kept me. and on July 6th, which was also Billy's 21st birthday, I had Morgan Brooke Payne at 9:20 AM. She weighed 5lbs. 7.5ozs. and she is beautiful! I went to the hospital Wendsday night and they sent me home, I was still only 1cm. I went back on Thursday night and they said I was only 2cm then but I could stay for a couple of hours and walk around and see if anything changed. Well after all that walking my contractions stopped! So they sent me home and prescribed me a sleeping pill to help me doze between contractions around 2:00AM Friday morning. By the time we were leaving the pharmacy I couldn't walk by myself, Billy had to help me. I was back at the hospital at about 6:00AM! And I was already 5 cm so of course they kept me. I got some sadol and phenigrine in my IV and that knocked me out I don't remember anything about labor. They told the family it would be about another 12 hours before I had the baby but I had her only 3 and a half hours later!

When Morgan was a month old he finally moved out and we really broke up. I didn't know he was still with the girl because he told me he wasn't and he didn't have a girlfriend. So a little time went by and then he started telling me that he does love me and we started sleeping together again and I still didn't know about his girl who is away in the Air Force.

Finally someone else told me and I was so mad and hurt. How could he do this if he really loves me? But then apparently she broke up with him and he and I started talking again.

Now he has moved back in and we are doing good. I know it's crazy to take him back because of all he put me through but I love him so much!