In My case i was 18 when i fell pregnant, my partner was 19. i had only been with him a couple of weeks before i fell pregnant but didnt actually find out till i was nearly 3months gone,i was due to start my 3rd and final year at college.. I was a mix of emotions.. he was over the moon, was so excited to be a dad. Me on the other hand had doubts. (My sister fell pregant at 16 with my nephew, and my mum made me promise her i would never fall pregnant whilst i was in school and still a teen.) Anyway I told my mum first.. through a text as i was too scared to tell her face to face.. i then went home and we spoke about it.. she told me to have a abortion, said it was going to ruin my life, said it would be the worst mistake ever. I told my nan and she told me she would disown me. We told my partners mum and dad and they were shocked, but very supportive. Last to find out was my grandad, and after the way my nan had reacted i was terrified!! but my grandad was Sooo supportive.. said as long as my partner looked after me he doesnt mind. Anyway i decided to prove my Family wrong.. i went back to college whilst pregnant,and was working up untill i was 8.1/2 months gone. half way through my college year i took 2months out to give birth to a beautiful little Girl, who is now 18months. i also went back to college finished off my final year with top marks.. and after my 9months maternty leave i went  back to work, and am still working now. i am still with my boyfriend and have been for 2.1/2 years now..and iv never been happier!! Also… my family Love her, and wouldnt change her for the world!!