hey girls!! im 17 my husband is 20 we have been together for 4 year… from the time i was 15 all i want was to be a mom doctors told me it was impossible.. in Dec of 2009 i got pregnant i lost my baby at 3 week it was bad and it hurt so i drank i help with the pain in Feb. of 2010 i stopped drinking because i missed my period well i took the test and it said neg. well on my brothers birthday in march i still had not had it so i took 5 preg. test they were all said yes. so i was scared that i would lost that baby to i went to the doctor every thing was good baby was growing and everything… things got better for me til i was 4 months pregnant my husband lost his job. my mom moved out.. i felt alone.. when i was 5 months he found another job.. then i was put on bed rest i have a high risk pregnancy i am now 6 an a half months pregnant  my son is my everything… he will be born Dec 1 2010 i have to have a c-section..i spend the weekend with my mom and her new husband!! my husband and i are very lucky that we were able to get pregnant because all the doctors said it was impossible.. tell me you story or what you think of mine i really want other teen moms to talk to so lets talk