Well…I guess I should probably start from the begining, so here goes…

About three months ago I found out I was pregnant after taking a spare pregnancy test I had for ages…To be totally truthful I was just cleaning my room and came across it so descided to use it just to get it out the way, so my mum wouldn't find it. So I did…and it was positive. I couldn't believe it, I went through to my boyfriend who was sitting in my room at the time crying. Don't know weather my tears were of joy or sadness because I just had this weird feeling that I couldn't have kids. Me and my boyfriend were so convinced to get an abortion because after all I am only 16 and him 18 …But then I started having second thoughts after stumbling apon this website and reading everyone who had an abortions experiences. I knew in myself that I couldn't go through with it. I told my boyfriend and he told me that he would suppost me in whatever choise I made.

I was also soooo scared of what my family would say, My Nana always said I would turn out to be just like my cousin Michelle as she had her daughter at 17..(the age I will be when I have mine) And she was right.

I went to the doctors with my boyfriend for suppost…and the doctor told me to hand in a urine sample so that they could comfirm my pregnancy…I waited a few days then called for my results and it ofcourse was positve. I was Happy! I got my letter telling me my appointment for my first scan. And I made a promise to myself that after I had it I was going to tell my mum, but the unfortunate happened…after coming in from work she asked me if there was something I wanted to share with her. I knew from that moment that she knew and so did my boyfriend. She found out by reading my diary (which I was sooooo pissed off at btw) I went through to talk to her and she was in sooo shocked. Can't blame her, I knew she would react exactly like this. I stayed calm and me and adam talked to her for a while …then all went to bed. In the morning she was taking it rather well which I thought was really weird! She told my Nana but made her swear not to tell any the family just yet.

Me, Adam and my Mum went to the scan which was on the 7th of December. And I was so scared just incase there was nothing in my womb ..lol..but there was …a tiny wee baby. I was amazed. It was jumping about and moving its arms 🙂 Soo lovely! I got three photos and gave one to adams Mum (which btw was soooo thrilled with the pregancy) one to my Mum and one to keep for myself. I was 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. And I'm due on the 20th of June 2008. Im sooo proud.

I told all my family about the pregnancy the day of my scan. They were shocked but ok. I told my Dad last..as he stays in England. And he was sooo ahppy for me but is comming up to Scotland to meet Adam Haha! So that should be funny. All my friends have been really supportive. I have left my job for now as Im not doing to great with the sickness and tiredness…Driving me mental ..but well worth it.

 All Keep you updated.

I have attatched my scan photo…so bootiful 🙂


Lots of Love

Nikkie and he little wee baby