Hi Everyone,

I am so happy you are stopping by to read this. I hope that it will guide some of you that are in a very tough stage in life. You may have an unplanned pregnancy and have no clue what to do. You may feel like the world is on your shoulders and you can't think straight. This BABY is scaring you and you are looking for answers. Some of you are thinking of Abortion some of you think there is no way you could do that and are thinking of adoption but heck where do you start with that, and some of you want to parent this child but know that everyone around you will judge you and get angry with that decision. Some of you are thinking how the heck do I tell my parents I am pregnant and what are they going to make me do. Let me tell you one thing if nothing else. YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU HAVEN"T BEEN FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Women all over the world right now are in your situation. Some of those countries have legal abortion and some don't. Some are going to allow adoption to good families and some aren't.

In America we have many choices. You only need to see that by walking to a grocery store and the walls are lined with a thousand different ketchups. Isn't it all made from tomatoes?

If you are pregnant in America you have 3 choices abortion, parenting and adoption. I chose abortion 2 times in my life and I chose parenting 2 times. Out of those 2 choices parenting was the way to go. People are going to ask you later in life if you have more kids, "how many kids do you have". I tell them I have two here on earth and 2 in heaven. If you have an abortion that is where you child will go. If you have an abortion that my be the only child you will ever have.

After 15 years and 4 pregnancys later I decided that my life was a mess and I needed to make some changes. I went to a healing study for women that have had abortions. Heres the part that we are not told when we decide to have an abortion. Later in life you will realize that it was a child and you will be lost. Through the healing study I was allowed to grieve my children and have a memorial for them to connect with 2 children whos lives where ended with a choice to have an abortion.

This is just a short summary of my life and if you have made it this far in reading then I hope that you will contact me. I am a 34 year old single mom that has found laughter in life. My goal is to share my story with other young ladies that are in an unplanned pregnancy let them know their options and if you have had an abortion and you are lost and feel terrible I will help you to understand why and how to get past that awful feeling that you are nobody for having an abortion.

I am now a trained post abortion counselor and next year will be on the road talking to young men and women about the truth of abortion, how to heal from an abortion and really intruly move on from the choice they made or are thinking of making.
If you are still reading and would like to throw some comments my way could you please answer this question- If I was in an unplanned pregnancy I would not have an abortion if I knew ????? If you have had an abortion what would it have taken to not have made that choice?