Ok. So here it goes. I had started a job at sears when I was 16, just to really get away from staying home all day and I met this guy, whom I started to date on Oct. 14th and I fell completely head-over-heels in love with him. I know thats soo cliche, but when it happens.. theres no other way of explaining it. He pretty much got me away from this other guy I was dating, who didnt have a job and was a High School drop-out who was in the 9th grade for 4years. My parents were so happy that I got rid of him and loved Tim.. at first. Our first month together was great, everyone got along and I was extremely happy. But, then my parents got back into their "I hate all of your friends" mode and everything started to go downhill at home.
But of course as stubborn as I am, I couldn't stay away from the man I love. Of course, everyone is here to tell their baby stories and of course this relationship ended up intimate. But he was the first guy I had really ever been with like that, so I asked him what would happen if I ended up pregnant and he said he would still love and support me. Of course, a few months later, at the end of march I took a home test and it ended up positive. But unlike most of these stories here, he flipped out, but in the best way possible. We were so excited, we just went out that day and bought a bunch of baby clothes. But we still had to make sure from the clinic that it was correct. So onn April Fools, ironic eh?, they made it clear that it was deffinately correct.
Now the hard part. Telling the parents.