My names Casey,im 16yrs old and im a senior.

Me and my bf (now ex) started dating January 15th 2009.He was a year younger then me and 4 grades behind me.and soo immature.He cheated on me a few times and i kept letting it go (not sure why).In august i started getting really depressed and cutting myself (because of family issues).My dad died November 24th 2006 and my mom died march 13th i was forced to live with my sister her 3 kids my little brother and her husband..he hit me all the time and pretty much made me hate myself.In September i was put in a mental hospital they had to do all kinds of tests when i first got there just to check everything…one of them was a pregnancy test…it was positive.

i went home 3 days later,i wasnt going to tell my bf about the baby…i wasnt getting an abortion,i guess i was just planning on telling him it wasnt his because i knew he wouldnt want it and wouldnt want anything to do with it.i didnt tell my sister because they wouldve kicked me out.In december i turned 16,started partying alot,skipping school sneaking out and spending alot of time with boys.My friends made me meet her ex because she thought we would be perfect together we liked eachother and spend almost everyday together,i was going to dump my bf for him but my friend decided to lie to both of us,she told me he had a gf and he didnt really want me and was telling him lies about me…we ended up going our seperate ways and i stayed with my babies dad,in febuary i found out what i was having (at first i didnt want to know) and i decided to tell my bf that i was pregnant…i was barely showing i didnt actually look pregnant till about 7 1/2 weeks.i had her a few months later.we stayed together for a few more months then he cheated on me so i left him.

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