Hey everybody my name is amanda whats up.Im 15 yrs. old and tuesday july the 3rd I will be 6 months pregnant. My due date is october the 18th Im having a little boy. I never thought Id be the next pregnant teenage girl but I took that risk.Even before I found out that I was pregnant I didnt think that I was when I found out I was shocked and terrified all at once. At first my aunt was the only one that supported me but as the months passed my mom and family slowwly came around. However its still hard because I know that they are a little disappointed in me. They always said Id be the one to do something with my life.I know I can still achieve all my dreams if I try but they dont think so. For one Ive already been kicked out of two schools because they didnt allow pregnancy. The father to my baby left me when I was barely a month. I never thought hed stay but it stills brakes my heart to know that Iam carrying his baby inside me and he doesnt even care. I cry alot I feel so empty and alone. Im ashamed of myself and the pregnancy. I thought the days would get easier but they only get harder.  Somedays I think to myself please am I really ready to raise a baby.So whats your story?Plrase tell me Im not the only one that feels this way?????????????