Hello Everyone,

So my story…..

Well since I’ve moved here to Oregon I have been lucky enough to find the love of my life (soon to be married). My boyfriend an I have been together now for 10months. We are moving out together once I graduate in June and then its college in September…

Although on Feb., 2nd we lost our virginity to each other :). I’m so glad I got to  have shared that with him. Since we’ve been sexually active I’ve found myself longing for something more. I’m happy with him and I’ve very involved with school etc…but why am I having the feeling of wanting a baby?

It’s almost I’m craving for a child? Yes I am 17, waaaaaay tooo young ppl say and especially to purposely try to have a baby. I am NOT trying this on purpose. My boyfriend does want children just  not right now…and I don’t either…but I’m finding myself becoming confused.

We only use birth control (“the pill”) and he doesnt pull out. So far its been about 3 weeks and I took a test…not prego.

Which is good right? Yes! it is…then why did I feel so bad when only that 1 pink line showed up?

I just want to know if anyother girls get this need?

I know I’m  meant to be a mother there is nothing I want more in life. But i also know its waaay too freakin early and “I have my whole life ahead of me” which is what everyone says lol

I know my bf and I could support ourselves and the baby fine. We would manage.

It’s almost like I cant wait to get pregnant! ;p Am I just a lunatic? or is this normal?