hi my name is ashley, i was only 14 when i fell pregnant with my now 2yr old daughter. i was dating her father, i thought he was 2o but when i was 6 months pregnant the truth came out and he tunred out to be 31! i gave him the option to leave and never come back or i have him charged, he left happily. i was 15 when i gave birth she was a day early, weighed 8.3pound and was 52cm long, she was the most beautful little girl i had ever laid eyes on. i enjoyed every moment being a single mum, even the sleepless nites lol. her father has seen her now and then, i gave him the option of seeing her but he just does not bother. when i was 16 i fell pregnant to a ”good friend” it was not planned one bit (he was told he would never have children) when i found out i was pregnant i went into shock, my parents had just kicked me out and i had to leave my daughter with them because i had no where to go and did not want her on the street when she could be indoors and safe. i knew he was never going to be a decent father, he is a heavy drug user and a slob. i dont belive in abortions and i didnt want to hand my child over to complete strangers knowing i mite never see him again. i eventually moved into my brothers house with my daughter and i became the main carer for my nephew who is 5weeks younger then my daughter. i enjoyed it, it was a good experiance and got me ready for 2 children. when i was 5 months pregnant i moved into my own 3 bedroom house and it was great. i finally got to know my real daughter because i didnt have every one around us 24/7. on october 18th 09 i was induced due to my son not growing properly. i gave birth to him after 9 hours of labour at 4:16am 19th october (my best friends bday and my x’s) he weighed 6.7pound and was 46.5cm long. he needed oxygen because his cord was rapped so tightly round his neck but he was beautiful and he was mine. he is now 6 months old and my daughter and him adore each other. i am currently in alot of stress because of his father wanting full custody, i have allowed him to come over when he wants to see our son but i refuse to let him take him any where. he has only seen him once in his 6months of life because he is to lazy and will not stop the drugs. i try to do my best as a mum but i am not perfect. my kids are healthy and happy and the bills are paid on time, foods in the cubord and they have every thing they need and extra so i cant be doing to bad lol. i guess i just needed to get my story out and off my chest because alot of people instantly think i am a bad mum because i am young so i just dont open my mouth. i do not plan on any more kids, i have 2 healthy kids so why push my luck? thanx for listening