I’m 17 years old and almost 16 weeks pregnant. I have been with my (sorta) boyfriend Joey for over 14 months. Yesterday I found out he cheated on me 6 months ago but the worst part is that he lied over and over until I found hard evidence. My dad is retiring and moving to his other home in Arizona and he wants me to go with him but Joey wants me to find a place in Kansas, where he goes to college. My dad told me as long as I take college online classes for 2 years (which I get for free because I was in A+) that he would pay my rent but I need to get a job. Anyway.. Now I have to decide if I should move in with my dad or if I should forgive Joey and move there… I have to decide what to do now because I have to move June 1st. My entire family (exept my mom) hates him so none of them really want me going to Kansas but I thought it would be a good idea to make sure the baby knows Joey. I can’t decide whats best for the baby and me. So things with me have been pretty crazy these last couple of months..