My name is Lyndsey and I’m 15 years old.  I met my boyfriend Braxton (16 years old) at a party a few years ago.  We’ve been together ever since.  I became sexually active about a month ago.   We used protection and made sure we were as careful as possible.

I’m pregnant…  I told my parents and they talked to me about abortion and adoption, they have been really supportive, and so have Braxton’s parents and I am super happy.  But not so happy that I am pregnant:(  One night, Braxton had realized that the condom broke after we were  done.

I was scared and I kept a very close eye.  My next period didn’t come.  I had irregular periods so I wasn’t concerned at that point, then the next one didn’t come.  I was scared, so I told my mom, and she understood.  She had me at a very young age, and I told her my concern and she took me to the drug store, and we bought 10 pregnancy tests.  All of them came out positive.

I cried for day’s  The day before my first appointment, I invited Braxton over to tell him.  By then my dad already knew and he was very supportive.  He came over and I sat him on the couch and I told him.  He thought it was a prank at first.  I started to cry and he knew it wasn’t a joke.  He started to tear up and we just sat there and cried.  I asked him about his thoughts on abortion.  He didn’t like the idea at all.  I didn’t like it either.  He wanted to keep the baby.

The next day, we told his parents.  His parents were shocked, but they were very supportive.  All 6 of us went to my first appointment.  I am beginning to feel nauseous and I just needed to find a support group to help me cope.

I have a small bump, and that god Braxton is sticking by my side.  We decided we are going to keep the baby, and me being pregnant is hard.  I go to an online school.  Braxton works a lot.  Braxton’s friends are also really supportive and my friends are also.

For the pregnancy, everything is going well.  Like I said, I have a little nausea, and I am still in shock.  8 months more to go!!