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It has been a year since I had gotten pregnant and I feel as if it is time for me to share my story… I knew the exact time, spot, and date I had gotten pregnant. I just knew in my soul that something had happened and I got the over whelming feeling of ‘Oh […]

It has been a year since I had gotten pregnant and I feel as if it is time for me to share my story…

I knew the exact time, spot, and date I had gotten pregnant. I just knew in my soul that something had happened and I got the over whelming feeling of ‘Oh Shoot’. My boyfriend at the time was doing well for himself and we were doing wonderfully, At least to my eyes, but to everyone else they saw him control and manipulate me. I loved him so I though that this was something that was normal for a woman in the relationship to do, not wear low cut shirts or skirts, no heavy makeup, no talking to other guys who were not on his ‘safe’ list. 

He broke down a almost 7 year sisterhood with his lies, and I didn’t realize the pain he was causing me. It was ironically Christmas Day when he and I created the best and worst thing of my life, I knew the moment it happened. We where in no ways careful, I had forgotten my pill that week and we didn’t even use the pull out method, What was the point in a fifty fifty shot? I was fifteen at the time and my boyfriend was eighteen. My whole family got pregnant young but also went into early menopause, My cousin got pregnant at eighteen and went to school with two kids. The other had gotten pregnant at sixteen and had made a nice life for herself. 

I knew I had support with whatever I chosen to go Adoption, Abortion or Keep the baby, I still have the list I wrote as I passed into the week were it was becoming more apparent that I was going to have a baby, It wasn’t a figment of my imagination. I had to pee all the time, I cursed every time I would go to walk and have to race to the bathroom. I wondered how in the hell something smaller then size of a piece of rice was causing me to pee so much!  In my heart I knew I couldn’t abort the baby no matter what and I had watched 16 and Pregnant with the rest of America and cried seeing Tyler and Catlyin give away there baby so I knew I couldn’t do it, I was too selfish. So keeping the baby was my only choice. 

I never told anyone I was pregnant and I regret it so much, I was scared and no matter how much you tell yourself you wouldn’t be stupid and not tell your mom and wait till something dangerous happens to inform her and the father of the baby you still are so scared. I had went to the doctor with my mom and I complained about my ear that would have a sharp pain that literally would cause tears to swell in my eyes, Also I threw in my nausea, peeing, and heart burn. I hoped that my Doctor would know and test me but he didn’t, My mom spoke up and said “Could you drawl blood to check all of her levels?” he did and I though “Okay They will find out sense they are running a full panel.” My mom would look at me and occasionally ask “Are you okay? Do you need to tell me anything?”. 

I would go to tell her and I would choke, I ate my weight in pizza and drank so much water that my eye swimmed. I would see my boyfriend and I remembered we had gotten into a discussion about what would happen if we broke up. I told him that I wanted to keep any baby I had and he could be in the picture or not ( Both of my cousins where single moms so I knew I could do it) He told me “You will never leave if you have my child.” Warning bells would ring in my head but I just contributed it to him being a teenage pregnancy and his father would decide to be apart of the picture and leave many times, Making his mother have to join the army having to leave her son in the care of her mother. 

I never told anyone at all and at eight weeks(from time of conception), I had a sharp pain and then something rush. I had started to bleed, I cried and stared at my panties thinking ‘I knew I was insane, I started my period, It was all in my head.” When they say ignorance is the human coupping mexanism is true. Then the cramps started, I then couldn’t assume it was my period anymore. It felt as if someone was stabbing me repeatedly and my whole midsection would tighten and then release like contractions. It was so bad I almost driven off of the road once or twice, It felt like forever and I was such a mess. I wanted to just die, I felt as if my hopes and dream where going done the drain. 

Once it was over and I was so lucky I didn’t end up with an infection or worse, I bursted all of a sudden and just broke down, I screamed and cried and told my mom what I had been keeping from her. We cried and I knew I had to tell my father who has always been a man of few words and I had never seen him cry once. That day I made my daddy cry, I told my Boyfriend that night and it was as if I stabbed him in the chest but I thank god he knew, From his mothers experience the fear, We cried some more and he left that night telling me “I still love you and I understand.” as if. 

I fought with depression and the ‘What ifs?’ about a week, I had gotten a call from my Doctor. He told me that he had found out that I had Hypothyroidism. I looked it up and one of the first Questions was “Have you ever had a Miscarriage?” Then I found out the baby lives off of the mothers Thyroid for eight weeks, I hadn’t killed my child by taking anything bad, Yes I could have been smart and told my Doctor when i did, But I didn’t kill him. It was a sickening relief that I had found not most mothers had, I had something other than myself to blame! I knew it was a boy since all of my family members have went Boy and then Girl. I had a name planed out and everything since I had always been the one to want a family. 

Aiden Xavier Brady, I worked for months trying to work threw the pain and grief that fallowed the miscarriage. I had done great moving on until my ‘sister’ who I had patched a relationship back with told me She was pregnant with Twins. I was truly excited for her but I had this growing urge to be envious of her. A couple of weeks later she called me and told me the twins hadn’t made it and she had to have a DNC. It was like I was reliving it all over again. We worked together and thew that time I had gotten a wake up call for how Abusive my Ex-boyfriend was and left him, She had found out that her boyfriend wasn’t who he claimed to be either and had left him. 

On Mothers day we each bought us a little trinket and I showed her my spot to honor my son, I still find is so hard. I worked a fair and by the fourth day I started to cry because I saw a little boy with brown hair and the same age as my son would have been. On the day I lost the pregnancy rolled around I didn’t know why I was so off, Everyone thought I was sick but then it hit me like a ton of bricks and it was yet again so raw and fresh.  I always knew in my heart I would become a mother young, I just didn’t know it would be like this. 

Now I reflect all of my motherly and doddling on my friends Son who is too adorable. I still kept a few habits of touching my stomach and resting it there when my hands are free, Also I have a fear of becoming pregnant again, I don’t think I could stand to loose the pregnancy. I ran into my Ex recently and He had done the lowest thing by saying something snide about Aiden. This is my story and I just wanted to share it, as I said I feel as if it is time for it to be shared. 

Thank you. 










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