This is my story how i met and am with the guy im having my baby with. I met him on december 4th hanging with a few of my friends at their house. I barely knew him at the time but we had sex and i lost my virginity. I thought i was never going to hear from him again but a couple days later he texted. I asked him about that night asking if he regreted what we did or anything like that. He said no. He said he didnt regret anything and still wanted to see me so next weekend he did. Everything was great i had a new guy in my life and he is amazing. A few weeks ago he told me he loves me and i love him too. After that i started feeling funny nausea in the morning and night, constantly eating. I was afraid i was pregnant so i had a friend get me a test and guess what? It was positive. I still didnt believe it so i bought another one this weekend. It was still positive. He still doesnt know im pregnant but im going to tell him soon i hope he doesnt freak out. Hes alot older than me and im not ready to be a mother i think but honestly i dont know. Honestly im kind of excited. All i know is i love my boyfriend and i hope he loves me enough to support me with the baby and we can be a family.