Well my name is coral. I’m 16 and I’m having a baby. I’m only 9 weeks but everything is changing, im always feeling sick and tired and I’m always mad lol. I found out that i was pregnant 2 weeks ago. I didn’t really expect to be pregnant because my periods are irregular and me and my boyfriend were safe, but one day as i  arrived at school and started to feel really sick so i ran to the bathroom and puked. After that i was very worried so i talked to my boyfriend and he didn’t believe me. The next day my mom started to notice that I’ve been feeling really sick and tired so she asked me if i was pregnant and i started to cry ( that was a dead give way lol) my mom brought me a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I was soooooooo scared. I didn’t know what to do. I am a honor roll student, school was my life. I never miss days of school and I’m only a junior. I told my boyfriend and he was a little scared but he straight out told me that he wanted to keep the baby and he will take care of me and our soon to be baby. He has a job and works all the time now. His mom at first wasn’t very happy and she told me to get a abortion and at the time i was already considering it, because i never wanted  kids but my mom doesn’t believe in that so she wouldn’t let me get one. I thought it over and decided that this baby isnt going to ruin my life i can still go to school and i can still go to collage, it will be tough but i can do it. So i made my decision to keep the little baby that is growing inside me. I know this is going to be very hard because my sister was pregnant at 16 and i seen how hard it was for her but she made it through alive and so can i.