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im 17 years old .. i was a virgin about two and a half months ago and ma boyfriend have been dating for about 7 years and on and off … so when we was off for about a month he got another girl pregnant … so the girl called ma fhone and said […]

im 17 years old .. i was a virgin about two and a half months ago and ma boyfriend have been dating for about 7 years and on and off … so when we was off for about a month he got another girl pregnant … so the girl called ma fhone and said i wanted to let you no that ur boyfriend got me pregnant … and i was saying to ma self that this is not true and her voice sound like i now this person .. so i was like who is this she was like ask ur boyfriend … and then she hung up .. so about a week later me and ma boyfriend got back together…  so  i went to his house .. and we was all in the living room chillin .. me, his bother and sister and my lil sister and his mom… so i was like since nobody have nothin to talk about … lets talk about deron getting a girl pregnant.. and everybody was shock and telling me congratz and i was like im not the one who is .. and everybody was like who the girl or wat ever … and i was like why would yu give her ma number…so he was like wow are u serious this is something u should have came in privacy to talk to me about.. and he was like her name ashley … i was like i no not the girl from around the coner and he was like yea and i was like she only 14 … so he went to his room and i was like wow this”b” just walked in his house and i was sitting there like i was dumb…so i was crying or whatever and his mom held me like never let a ”b” see you fell … so that we she took me up stair and just talked me through everything …
so a week before she went in she told her mom about it .. and they told her that she have to give up her rights… and my bf was so mad.. and he throught i was going to walk out on him but i didnt… so about a year after she had the baby .. she was walking around like thats ma baby and front of her friends .. so i was with ma family .. and i was like you have some nerve callin your self a mother .. i was like i raised ur child .. and then i called her a dead beat mother.. so she mad cause she was in front of her friends .. so she swung on me .. and that was the last hit that she got on me .. i beat her the ”f” up and she was like deron u better get ur girl fiend cause it going to be some problems….so a year after that she was saying she was pregnant again by him … so we all was in his room .. so i was like babe do i need to handle this … and he told his daughter to go get his mom and them …  so by time she left the room i hit her and she hit the floor so hard .. so i was like ”b” u anit pregnant no more are u .. so they rush her to the hospital and come to find out she was neva pregnant.. so after that she was out of the picture.. for a few months … so ma lil sister brought there  baby and ma boyfriend baby back to the house .. so they was both was sleeep .. so and ma boyfriend was just laying on top of each other  .. just talking … and this ”b” just bust in and going say y u have intercourse in from ma child .. and i was like babe do i have to handle this again ..and he was like yu should but no.. and was like get the”h” out ma house tweeker.. i was dying it was so like in september i was like i want to go on the pill.. he was like ur not ready to have sex.. he was like ur making a mistake .. i love so much that we dnt have to have sex .. so he was like yu dnt have to do this for me.. i was like im no it for me.. so he was like yu sure … i was like yeah .. so i was like we both sould get tested because i dont no wat that tweeker got .. so when the test came back we was both negative for everything .. so i was like wat about birthcontrol .. he was like you dnt need itor wat ever … i was like why no and he was like it has to many side effects .. so me listenin to him .. i didnt get it.. so in october .. i was finally really and we did it and it hurted so bad .. i was screamin so loud … and after we was done .. i was talking to ma lil sis ..and she was like i heard yall in there .. do u think yu made the right decision by sleepin with him ..i was like why do u say that …. she was like i dnt regret ma daughter but i regret that night wen first started … i was jamilla it already happened .. i cant undo things now ..she was are you aleast on the pill .. and i was like nope … so i was like i no that ur trying to they me wat u no … but this ma life .. so ma boyfriend came out ma room and we just sat down stair and talked .. and my boyfriend was like it would  be funni how ma lil brother and ur little sister had a baby ..and if we had one … so i was like no bad enough that they do have one… and then he was like i dont no wat to do if i had a another … so me and ma boyfriend is still havin fun as usually .. so about eight weeks later … i usually try to stay as far away from ma parents .. but one day they court me going up the steps.. and my mom was like are u duckin us . so i sat on the steps .. and ma dad was like u always with ur boyfriend .. and he was like yall must be doning something yall have no business doing .. and i was like dad why do u always think somebody want something from me.. and ma mom was just staring at me..and she was like i no was yu been ducking us .. so i was like y u say that.. she was like because yu either just lost ur virginity or you pregnant.. so i was like what makes yu say that .. she was like a mother no .. so she was like which one is it .. i was like i think im pregnant .. so they called ma brother and sister down stairs and my brother is alil slow …and they r twins .. so ma dad was like grab the baby and lets go … so we went clinic .. and the lady was like ur 8 weeks pregnant and yu have 3 choices.. kept the baby … have the baby and give it up ..or have and abortion .. and i was like how long to i have to wait to make ma decision ..she like the day before ur second trimester.. so i was like wow that a major decision .. and ma mom and dad said that yu should keep it.. and i was like idk .. its up to him .. and ma dad was like no it your decison .. so i been sitting here for 3 weeks wonder wat to do ..i havent seen him or talk to him since to day.. so he was like r u avoidin me or something.. do u want to break up or something .. so i was like nothing like  that.. he was like is ur parent stoping u from seein me .. and i was like no they want us to be together .. and he was like why all of a sudden ..i was like because im a 11 weeks pregnant..and he was like r u going to keep it .. i was like ma mom and dad wants me to . so his mom was like congratz… and was like mom get off the phone ..  so he was like come to ma
house.. so we just talked about everything and we decided that we are going to keep our baby.. and still be there for his baby … i was crying .. cause i was scared that he was going say he dnt want it … but he was like y u crying .. i was like i through you wanted me to abort .. he was like how many times i going to say i love you

                                        if its a girl
                                                                   hayden-erin malian lawrence-hall
                                       if its a boy
                                                                   jayden-aaron deron lawrence- hall

Date of conception: Sunday, September 27, 2009

Due date: Sunday, June 20, 2010

11 weeks, 0 day since pregnancy started

 thats wat i believe.. i dnt think that right tho

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