Hey just a little bit about myself. Im Summer and im 16. My little boy is called Harry Lewis. Im a single mom and I had Harry just after my 15th Birthday. He is the best thing thats ever happened to me. I have only recently broken up with his dad about 2 months ago after I found out about him cheating and things and the only way ive been able to get throguh it is with Harry.
When Harry was born I was really ill. I thought i’d never love him, that he’d ruined my life and that I wish i’d of aborted him while I had the chance. His dad had left me for a while just after we’d slept together. I told him i might be pregnant but I tested too early at 4 weeks and it said negative so we thought I was okay. At about 10 weeks I started getting really tired and taking days off school for massive headaches, it was a throw away comment from my mom that made me think I could be pregnant. When it turned out that I was I was terrified, i was 14 how was I meant to be a parent? Ryan told me straight away that I was having n abortion. I told him to stuff it, it was my baby. Then he left me and thats why I went ill. I refused to have an abortion because it ws what Ryan wanted. Then when he was born I looked into his eyes and my little boyI fell in love with him and to this day I dont know how I managed to be so upset about him. I wouldnt change my little boy for the world.
Im 16 now and Harry has just gone 18 months. Our lives have changed a lot. I want to be a midwife when I go to university, to help other mums have their babies. That may have to be put on hold though for the moment because I think I may be pregnant again and to be honest im terrified. Ive worked hard to get where I am now and I think another baby could ruin that. Im two days late with thsi period and my last one wasnt exactlty normal either. Abortion isnt an option for me now as it wasnt back when I had Harry but I am terrified and to be honest im glad ive found this site x