I just turned 17 on april 9th 2008. I am 25 weeks pregnant. When i first found out, like most other girls, i was terrified. My boyfriend who is 18 years old really didn't want a baby and he was leaning towards an abortion. Which is completely against my beliefs. We talked more about what each of us wanted and honestly i too thought about having an abortion. But those thoughts didn 't last long. I finally got the courage to tel my mom and it was alot harder than i ever thought it could be. but she was pretty cool about the situation, upset and hurt, but still supportive. My boyfriend and i went to the hospital and  got to hear the heart beat and see my baby and i knew that this was going to be an amazing oppertunity 16 years old or not. My boyfriend my mom and i have all been going shopping for baby stuff, my boyfriend has been going with me to all my doctor's appointments and he is extremly supportive and really excited to be a daddy. I can feel my baby kick and everytime i feel that little baby kick i am so glad that i chose to grow up and accept responsibility, there is nothing more amazing. My boyfriend is in the navy and i am finishing up highschool. I know life is going to be tough but i'm willing to work it out. I can't even describe the love i feel for this baby i would do anything for her. I wish the best of luck to everyone going through this, but don't focus on the bad or the hard things think about all the great things this can mean think of the good changes and affects this has on your life, not the negative ones, not only for you but for your baby as well.