I dont want to sound hypocritical or judgemental but I really have to get this out.

I really dont see how or why girls that are as young as fourteen desire to have a baby. To be closer to their boyfriends? So that someone will love them unconditionally? I dont know if they realize that there are people that love them. It's called FAMILY. I'm sure their families care even though at times they feel alone. That doesnt mean they are.

Having a baby is not the only way to get close to someone you love, even though you're far apart. A relationship should be based on trust and communication. It bothers me that girls assume that by having a baby, everything will be ok. Truth to the matter is, IT DOESNT! It's only going to make it worse. Guys nowadays tend to change their minds about things. It is a rarity that a guy will actually step up to the plate. Im sorry to have to say this but there arent many real mean out there, all there are are little boys pretending; the world doesnt revolve around them.

It makes me sad when i hear girls saying having a baby is like babysitting, that is totally the opposite! Having a baby means having responsibility twenty-four seven. Unlike babysitting, you cant give it back! Someone is depending on you whether you like it or not. Are you sure that you're ready both mentally and physically? Dont you want to live your life as a normal young person? Do you want to give up having a normal life?

I'm a young mom myself. Im only 19. And frankly, I miss going out and having fun. I dont even talk to most of friends because i have a responsibility. Everyday i wake up and get ready for work in the morning, then when i get home, I take care of my daughter. There are so many sacrifices to be made when you have a child and i made very important one, I gave my parents legal gaurdianship of my daughter. Its not like i had a choice, I had to do it in order for both of us. They dont accept single parents in the airforce and in order for me to enlist, I have to give up full custody and I cant gain it back until I get married. I'll be leaving soon and i dont think I'll be there on her first birthday, but like i said before, there are many sacrifices to be made.