Okay so. Im pregnant with no where to turn. I have nothing. Sometimes I get so emotional I can't even think straihgt. I want to keep my baby. My heart tells me it will all be alright. Then I start thinking. I don;t have a job. I haven't finished my education. I have notihng to offer a baby. I don't want my child to suffer. I was unsure I was pregnant for a while until I was brought to the hospital for alchol posioning. Blood tests shown I was pregnant. I don't want my baby to have birth defects & know its my fault. I know who the father is but we have nothing to do with eachother. I never want us to either. So that creates another problem for me. I haven't told anyone except my friends. I dont; know how I;d ever tell my mother. 🙁 or any of my family. Suggestions greatly appriciated!