Im currently 30 weeks pregnant with my 1st child after suffering 2 previous misscariages.. I was soo scared when i 1st found out i was pregnant again as i believed it would end up the same way 2 previous pregnancies had but once i reached the 12 week mark i was soo excited.. When i went for my 12 week scan it was amazing 2 see my babys heartbeat and i started 2 let myself feel close 2 my child it seemed like ages untill my 20 week scan!!! At my 20 week scan i cried when i saw my baby properly for the 1st time beeing able 2 see what looked like a baby and not a blob was great!!! Whern i was 22 weeks pregnant i decided to have a 4d scan as i wanted to know the sex of my baby…. The scan itself was brilliant and i was soo pleased to find out i am having a boy… Just to be able to see his features and what he looked like was fantastic n it made me feel even closer 2 him than i did before!!! I cant wairt for the arrival off my son who is due on 29th November 2008