Seems like everyone has a blog about theirs, so here’s mine(:


My boyfriend&I had only been together a very short time before we thought I was pregnant, like a month. We hadn’t used protection since we’d been together(He didn’t think he worked down there&I relied on the pull out method. Usually always worked), and one day he didn’t pull out soon enough, so after he’s like “OMG, I did a little in there!” We both kind of freaked out for about an hour. I went home after a few more hours. We were texting that night and one of us brought up what if I got pregnant, what we’d do and all those questions… Well we got ourselves a little excited about it. So, I took a test at the end of March, it was negative. we were both disappointed. After that we just kind of tried to get pregnant. I took a test before my last period, it was negative. Okay, disappointed again. Then I got my period(April 1) This was all around Prom time might I add. We had sex a few more times after that. Being Prom season&that my boyfriend was a senior I had to get a dress. I picked it out in the beginning of April, got it fitted the second week of April and went to wear it April 30th. It fit fine at the fitting and when I brought it home. A few days before prom I put it on, I thought ‘Wow, my boobs are getting big. NICE!!’. I was gaining weight because I was overcoming bulimia, so I attributed it to that. Prom was a nice night(: A few days prior to prom my dad took me to get my ear pierced. I had already had the same spot done on my right ear, so I didn’t expect the left to get so infected like it did. I went to the doctor to get antibiotics the Monday following prom(May 2). I took them and after the second pill (one in the morning one at night), my kidneys started to KILL. I have microbeign hemoturia so I thought that was what the problem was. I went back to the doctor(May 5), They asked me the usual questions, antibiotics&all the normal stuff and my period. I said it was April 1st, so I was a couple days late which wasn’t unusual. So on the pee sample he took he ran a pregnancy test. The results came back that I was unbelievably dehydrated. Oh, and pregnant. I was about 5 weeks when I found out. I immediately called my boyfriend[as soon as the doctor had stepped out the room]and scream whispered, “I’m Pregnant!!” He said. “Ok….” I later found out he was with his mom in the car so he couldn’t freak out like he wanted to. He didn’t believe me at first, so I took two more, both positive.

So, 20 weeks later here I am, Near 26 weeks pregnant, living at my fathers house with my boyfriend, with a happy healthy very active baby boy on the way(:

Just thought I’d share<3