Hey guys, its been a while 😀
Well right now I am 31 weeks pregnant with my baby………. GIRL!
I’m so excited, but absolubtly terrfied. They’ve told me I have a high chance of pre-eclampsia since I had Gem so early because of it last time.

The kids are really looking forward to having this baby. Harry keeps suggesting names of people at his nursery which I think is real sweet. Gemma’s not really said a lot about it but she kisses my belly very time she goes to bed so i’m taking it as a good sign.

I think that I’ve decides on the name Esme Jade for her but closely followed is Genevieve Julianna which I adore but baby’s daddy really isn’t kean on. I’ll end up getting my way though more than likely!

I’ve finally got back with Ryan after almost a year of being ‘apart’ but I still saw him everyday so it didn’t make much difference. He’s moved back in and I’m just generally quite busy running the club that he owns. No such thing as a quiet pregnancy in my house!

I’m just terrified of having her early, There’s about a 70 % chance of me getting it according to my checkup but only around a 20% chance of her being born premature which is my biggest fear. I nearly lost Gemma and I don’t really want to go through all that pain again especially with looking after two babies this time.

But all in all I’m so excited 😀