At the age of 18 I got pregant with my first child. When I found out that I was pregant I had so many mixed feelings. Because at the time that i got pregant things wasnt looking on the up and up. The father of my unborn child we wasnt seeing eye to eye and on top of that my mom had gotten very ill at that time. so i had to step up and take care of my brother and sister since

I was the oldest. There were many days after I made sure that everything was done and clean. I would sit outside on the car and look at the stars and just cry and think to my self. How am I gonna take care of a child of my own when my mom needs me. I didnt tell my mom right off that i was pregant but she had a feeling that i was. Shortly after she was for sure that I was. By the grace of God that gave her the power and faith for her to fight so that she could be able to see her firstt grandchild. My 5 month my mother made a wonderful recovering. It was like she never been sick. She came home and the next day I had to go to the O.BGYN. My mom went with me. she got a chance to see the baby and when they told her that i was having a baby boy my mom just burst into tears cause she was happy. After that day she just took over she went shopping and got him so much stuff she even gave me my baby shower.  I know you wondering about what happend to the baby father well we departed as friends but he was still comming around everyday to check on us and he was with when i gave birth as well as my mother. I have my son at the age of 19 three days after my birthday. My son is now 6 years-of- age now and he is spoiled by his grandma which he calls mom. You can tell she is proud.  I am now 25 years of age and pregant with twin boys that will be here Nov-19-2009. No they are not by my oldest son father but we are still friends and we get alone better than we did when we was together. Yes he is taking good care of his child. But I know you’ve heard of high school sweet heart well I had a church sweet heart that i was crushing on for a long time even before me and my oldest son father got together, but we never did talk because he had left the church so i didnt see him anymore. well as the years went on some kind of way we ended up touching bases with each other in 2006. We started tripping on the phone then in 2007 we ended up going on a date. Well i got scared so i stopped calling him and I wouldn’t answer his calls because i was like this can’t be real. Because i had such a huge crush on this man. So after the blue he called and I answered the phone he invite me to his new house because he was moving that night. He came and got me i was thinking other people was gonna be at the house but it wasnt. We started unpacking the kitchen then we sat around going through boxes one thing lead to another. I again got scared and dint want to talk to him no more. But he would not give up we ended up dating which to this day I’m proud to say we still are together and here I am pregant with two of his children which I Thank God for everyday. I still cant believe I am with the man that I was crushing on for so long. And I didnt forget to tell you all about my mom and son they are very happy that the twins are comming i think I really got a problem on my had because they dont want to share the twins with each other. I will write again once the twins arrive. Take care and each and every one of you be blessed and keep your head up. And please dont forget to pray because prayer changes thing