Last April I found out I was pregnant, I was incredibly scared but I knew I could do it, I started to get kinda excieted. Then when i told my boyfriend he was happy and willing to stand by my side. He also has a four year old, and she was excited to have a brother or sister. But 2 days before my birthday May 3rd i had a miscarriage, i was devastated,i was so excited and ready to hold my own baby,& nbsp; but i couldnt help but feel like it was all my fault that i lost him/her. I still cry about it and when i see people with their new babys i feel some jealousy i dont mean to and i know it isnt their faults. This December is when He/She would of been born. But to remember my unborn baby which is all i can do i got a tattoo of a star with certian colors, Pink because he/she was going to be eccentric i kno. And black because that is the baby fathers favorite color and he is apart of our baby. I can not forget that. But for any of you who had a miscarriage i am truly sorry it is a hard thing to go threw i am still coping.