here i am! supposed to be spending my time in school..enjoying stuffs such as studying.. going out with friends…… dating,drinking etc…… but now.. the result of being a rebel child led me to this situation…

yes i know it’s still early..i have the chance to abort my baby as what others think just to protect their embarrasment.. which was my own mother’s suggestion which made me angry with her.i don’t know why does she want to add my mistakes.. i mean it’s a big sin to kill a child! especially on my part being a teen pregnant that’s not yet married.. so i run away from home.. it’s my 4th time to runaway but this time my mom throw me away and told me “i don’t have a daughter anymore!”..

i know at first that she already knew that i’m pregnant.. my boyfriend,Angelo whom i met on facebook,(one town apart from each other) then we  started to go seeing each other was my baby’s father.. i dont know why of all the other guys whom i loved so much and gave my all with him i let  myself be pregnant to him that i dont even know him so much..

he’s 22 and im 15… such a difference..i’m minor..and he’s not.. but when i told him through txt message  bout my pregnancy i told him slowly not exactly straight to the point .. i asked him “do you like babies?” he told me back “why? are you pregnant?”.. i replied.. “no! of course not!”.. i refused at first.. and he told me back “alas! you must be sterile!”.. And i thought he would want to have a kid.. then i told him i’m not yet sure if i am,.. but i’ll gonna buy a pregnancy test for further assurance  but he told me “i hope your not,so that you can continue your studies” then i swallowed a little bit hard.. then there it is.. i am really pregnant..

Then i set a date for us to meet personally to tell him that i’m pregnant.. he  then told me why are your eyes hollow?.. i told him i’m pregnant.. let’s talk about this matter.. then we went to a restaurant and talked about this.. he’s very he’s not worrying at all.. (one reason that i don’t want to marry Angelo because he told me i’m his 106th gf think about it!).he told me that he’s gonna support the baby but nobody should know about this.but how can i keep it that sooner and later it will ..then we started arguing bout the baby’s name.. well.. what the hell! why are we discussing it even my tummy is not big at least he made me laugh and forget all my problems…

but my terror and villain mom always ruin our settled decisions.. i thought we already cleard each other that she’ll not help me even a single coin..

then and there she threatened me that she will file angelo a case.. a lifetime sentence she added.. (what kind of mother do you think my mom is?) if she will.. what will happen to me and to my baby if Angelo get imprisoned? i thought my mom is smart.. she still had her idiot and moron side.. now my dad in Dubai is very worried bout my situation.. i think many of my relatives knew about the situation.. as of now me and angelo were just friends.. we broke up.. and i thought the reason was my mom..  but he told me that he will support our baby.. so risky life of mine.. i think all were not yet ready to accept it.. but for me .. i know God gave me this challenge cause He knows that i can do this..thinking