It seems like my life is changing in so many ways! three years ago i was so young and so out of the loop. Today it seems I have grown so much by the events in my life! I am who i am today because of everything that has happened! I was raped count less times, by 2 guy i trusted very much! I was betrayed and hurt, and thought i could never go back! I felt love, and then hurt, i was destroyed. I because the girl you would see alone, no friends, to shy to even answer a question asked by a teacher! I was the girl people would make fun because i was " different" i was scared! I was left out of the loop, to become a danger to myself! I picked up cutting, and other habbits, that later just hurt me! The scares i look at everyday remind me of the pain i have suffered. Family fighting because a way of life, it was if i was so hurt that i felt dead. I was not willing to change because i didnt want my hopes to fall and for me to be destroyed. I met a guy who now i call my boyfriend! A guy who should be there is a meaning to live, and a live for me to lead. A future full of joy, and a heart to help others! I love who i am now, and im not that girl in the back of the room! I still suffer who dreams, back flashes and other reminders of my past. But my present is bright! I now am 16 years young, and he is 17! Yes were young but love in present and everyone can see it! He showed me he will and would never hurt me, i dont have to hide my body, or who the real Alyssa is! Im me now and im proud! I'm a rape survivor, Im helping out people who are just like me. David and i now might be expecting a baby, and its scary to be young with a child, but its worth it! I'm so scared but i have him and he will never leave me! We've been through so much, and it brings us so much closer! I Love Him and we will love our baby! 

Thanks for reading this!!