My day today went pretty much the same…but sense this is my first blog entry I will tell you how a normal day goes.

             Everyday (school days) I wake up at 5am and get in the shower. I get dressed and go back to sleep in till 6:30am. By then my hair is dry and I walk to the bathroom to do my make-up and hair. After that I get my bag for school ready and sit in the living room till the bus comes.

              While I’m at school I am greeted by lots of “Hi Jenni’s”. No, I am not one of the “popular people” but at my school….it’s not really like that…most of us all get along…the only clicks really are all of us and then geeks and then wanna be cool people.

             When I get home I usually eat something, go to the bathroom, and do my homework. After that I stay out till dark (in summer I can stay out till 1am :)) Anyways….I have to wrap this up…but the next time I write in my blog I will inform you about my day (its usually full of funny stuff and weird/stupid stuff :)) Haha.