It’s December 16th, 2012, just a week and a half before Christmas. This year will be my second Christmas with my daughter and my first as a married woman!

That’s right! I’m married! I met my husband on October 2nd of 2011 and we became good friends, hanging out almost everyday! On November 24th, he asked me out at 11:45pm and I said yes! I couldn’t have been happier. On January 15th, 2012 he moved into the basement room where my mom was, so that he could help out with Jordynn, without actually living with me. On March 9th, he stood beside me when my daughters father and I went to court for Custody (which I got completely, thank God) and that really let me know he was there for me. On March 22nd 2012, he proposed and I said yes! On June 23rd, 2012 – we married! He had just turned 21 and I was turning 21 on August 2nd. It was a great day, our wedding. My mom watched my daughter for the night and he and I went to the Comfort Inn in Brantford, ON for our Honeymoon. It was only one night, but it was worth it. It was also the first time we had sex. That’s right, he and I vowed to wait until our wedding day to engage in sex, and we did. I mean, of course, we did other things…you can only go so long without it…but for actual making love, we waited till our Honeymoon. I was extremely proud of myself.

During this entire time with my bf/fiance/husband, my daughters father was in and out. He was angry with my bf at the time, because my daughter woke up and called him “dada” instead of her father and then he was angry, because we got married and it was just on and off.

My daughters father has access through a supervised access centre and he only sees her once a week for two hours. Since he’s been there, he has never changed Jordynn’s diaper!