So I decided to move to Kansas with Joey, a few weeks ago he started really showing me I could rely on him so I decided to give him a chance. My dad just moved to Arizona because he retired and I came with him, just to stay a few weeks, but after that I am movig in to a duplex in Kansas. My dad offered to give me some money every month so that will help a lot. I just graduated from high school a few weeks ago and I now enrolled in community college. I am going to take online classes for 2 years. So now all I have to do is find a job over in Kansas, which might be pretty hard because I don’t think too many people want to hire a pregnant teen and my social anxiety gets in the way of being around people.. But luckily Joey has a job this summer and is saving too. We found out the baby is a girl so we are naming her Jayda Lee.. I already bought the crib and most of the baby stuff we need. So everything is going pretty good so far, I am just hoping things stay the same.