e was 4 weeks early….. August 16, 2007. My due date was supposed to be September 16. Heres My story…

So, Tuesday night i started cramping really bad, (aaron was the one who said to call my doctor) so wed morning i called my dr. she said to go right away to Labor and delivery!! i got a little scared and had to go alone since my hunny is working. I didnt think i would be having my baby but i packed a bag and left it in my car. They monitered the baby's heart for about 6 hours and said that i was having a few contractions so they gave me something to stop them that would only last for a few hours- it made me feel like i drank 10 cups of coffee- checked my cervix and said that i was 1cm dialated, but my cervix was still hard. Then sent me home. The only thing i knew was that baby could come in a day or in a month…more waiting, and I wasnt alloed to be working. I came home and cramping came back! i really didnt think i was going into labor so soon. me and aaron fell  asleep at around 8pm that night…and woke up at midnight thinking i pee'd my pants (i have no idea why i thought that) i was half asleep, so i changed my undies and i did that about 3 times before i realized…WAIT!! thats my water that just broke!!
My best girl who is also preggers, MORGAN ( 2 weeks ahead of me…) was over that night! I woke her and was still sort of in denial that my WATER JUST BROKE. haha…i told my hunnie to sleep and i would call him when i get to the hospital (he works ALOT, well that and he wouldnt wake up! i dont think he realized i was IN labor!, although neither did i)
I was frusturated on how much water was leaking she told me to grab a towel and get in the car! At this point i didnt feel like i was in labor so i was still not forsure this was really happening! After getting to the hospital and being assured that i am in labor and must have the baby in the next 24 hours- becouse of the risk of infection since my waters already broke! My dad gets to the hospital at about 6am, which was awesome! i called him when i was on my way to the hopital at midnight and he hops in his car and drived 4 hours to be there! sooo….I start having really bad contractions at about 7am,because they start me on poiticin to make my labor progress.and i get the epidural at about 10am, because they which was hard b/c i was having to slouch over during them, and they were BAD!!  so they stop the poticin, realizing the contrations are getting TOO HIGH!!! i was crying so hard and in so much pain, all the nurse said was to try and stay calm and my back relaxed, i could cuss and swear but all she wanted me to do was relax….yeah, not as easy when you are getting a needle put in your back and having BAD contractions at the same time, i didnt want to cuss i wanted to cry.
The dr was convinced baby would not fit and i was having a c section at noon. By 1130 they checked my cervix and said i was 9 1/2 cm dialiated and they could feel the baby's head dropped down they thought now it may fit.
The epidural wore off an hour or so before i was checked the last time and GOD was i in pain
I started to push at 1:00, between pushes i started to feel a relief from the contractions and i could actually smile and watch the mirror i asked them ot put so i can watch the baby come out, and give aaron kisses and actually open my eyes.  at 2:28 he was born! He didnt cry for a bit, and Aaron for to vut the cord…they put him on my and me and aaron cried at how beautiful our slimey little baby is!!

I was in alot of pain, and it was hard but now that it is all over i can say it wasnt so bad..but thats just cause it is over and now my beautiful baby boy is here.
Since he was early they had to take him for 3 hours, i was DYING to get him back:)
He weighed 6lbs and was 19 inches long. He looks JUST like his daddy! left the hospital and he is now 6lbs 3oz. As of Sept 2. Although he had jondice for about the first 2 weeks and almost had to be admitted back to the hospital- Mommy made him all better and being a month preemie he is doing amazing!!
we are so happy! :)
His name is Lyric Rain Karr-Giardinelli.
he has both my fiance's last name and mine! and he is beautiful…

Aaron was amazing support thru the pushing, he was all i wanted and all i could ask for…although he slept thru most the screaming and crying of the contractions before i started to push- as he was sleeping on his little bed next to me…my dad was there!!! and he was the most amazing support thru that crying and trying to breath without passing out…which was hard!  I love you two both!