Word got back to me that i am not taking care of my kids Properly. They said i don’t care nothing for them or Adam so here it is.  I love Adam to death but death is not enough when it comes to my kids. I would do anything for Adam but i would go to the Extreme for my kids. If something were to happen to Adam, i will be devastated but if something were to happen to my kids, the world would be devastated. What i would do for Adam, you cant even imagine, what i would do for my kids, their aren’t enough words that i know of. How could i feel love and go all out the way for someone who has hurt me? my answer: oh that’s easy because he has given me 3 wonderful kids and i fell in love 3 times after he hurt me. I know my kids could never leave me because they are counting on me to keep them safe, warm and loved.