Hello my name is kylee. I am 18 years old. I have a five month old son Gabriel Johnathon Wilson and he is ablsolutally perfect. Well I am going to share with you my story…my journey to motherhood.

January 18th 2009- This was the day that i found out I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test after coming home from my Bf’s house. I was in my room waiting for the result and thinking that i wasted 14 dollars on this test because there was NNOOO way i could be pregnant. Well i was wrong….and very surprised. A whole mess of emotions swirled through me…Shock, Fear, Anger, Disapointment, Sadness. At the time i was not happy about it at all. How could this happen i was a honour student in my senior year of highschool i was supposed to be partying and graduating and just enjoying being young….not be PREGNANT….