This is my autobiography told as I saw it….

 My name is Ashley and I was born December 31st 1991, the first child of Kim and Jason Persaud. I grew up a fairly normal child, I have a younger sister Emily,  who is 15. As a child i loved dance and gymnastics since i was 2 as well as music, ive been playing the piano since i was 4 and flute since i was 10.

The summer before i started 7th grade my dad left my mother for the man he had been having an affair with for the past 5 years, we were totally blind sided we had no idea and we have not seen nor heard from him since. Thats when i went down hill my mother who had been a stay at home mom for the past 13 years was now forced to get 3 minmum wage jobs to afford the tiny apartment we had to move into. 

Now im not trying to condone my choices or my behavior its just important to know that there wasnt much of a home life for me, that year i met an 8th grader named Lucas, he was cute, tall, and a bad boy, i fell head over heels in love with him, we started dateing and i began skipping school, drinking and doing drugs, shortly after i celebrated my 12th birthday i lost my virginity to Lucas on a dirty couch in the trailer behind this uncles house. Over the summer we were having sex everyday, and without protection I became pregnant. 

August 27th 2004 was my first day of the rest of my life, I just didnt know it at the time. I went to the doctor for my yearly check up, my mother made us go every year before school started, it was tradition. They ran the usual blood tests and mine came back positive for HCG, I was 12 years old and I was pregnant!! 

I was in a fog, I dont remember much of what happend, my mother cried and so did I. When I told Lucas he freaked out, he immidiatly told me he wanted me to have an abortion and I was 100% on board with that choice, My appoinment at the clinic was scheduled for the first weekend in October . I was looking forward to putting this all behind me and getting on with being a normal 8th grader, Then on September 28th i started bleeding at school, it was a huge gush of blood i started freaking out, of course my teachers all thought i was just starting my period and sent me down to the nurse to get a pad, i told her that i was pregnant and having my period, she called my mom and told her to bring me to the ER, miscarriage…. 

 I got to the ER and was immidiatly hooked up to a million machines, the bleeding at stopped and the doctor came in and did an ultrasound, i saw my baby, i got to hear the heartbeat, there was a little person inside me and i loved that little bean, everything was fine, my baby was perfect, the doc gave me an estimated due date, April 23rd 2005. 

I went home happy, and scared, I told my mom i wanted to keep this baby, she cried and told me if i really wanted to do this, we could do it, it would be hard and it would change my life, but the choice was mine… Such a big thing to decide at 12. 

I told Lucas, he was against it, and told me if i wanted to have a baby he wasnt going to have me anymore.  And so that was the end of us….

Pregnancy wasnt easy, but it was amazing i loved all the milestones, and the baby belly, finding out she was a girl and feeling her kick. 

Esme Ariana was born on April 1st 2005, my life as a 13 year old mom had begun….