Hello everyone!!

 I am so glad i found this website. The moment i stepped in here, i was so amazed how open the people are here to share their true life stories. I have read a lot of them. Some are sharing their success stories that are truly encouraging and enlightening. Though others may state how painful they have been through, however, those are still very important lesson that I can learn personally. I really salute how strong you guys are and how have you been an inspiration to the many despite the gender.

Hope this website can reach much more of the people around the globe. I am certain that through this website, young or old, men or women, will have an open mind to come up of a sound decision of their lives, most likely of those related to pregnancy.

I would definitely want to refer to my friends about this new place in the web to hang on!

P.S. Please me up as your friends. 🙂


Myla Ad Kaffi