I am currently 37 weeks pregnant (unplanned pregnancy) with my first baby with my boyfriend, and I have had issues with giving up substances during this pregnancy due to a multitude of factors. I need help with resources, counseling, anything.

We live in an isolated town in New Mexico, and I don’t have any friends here, nor do I feel comfortable talking about this with our OBGYN or Midwife, nor even do I feel comfortable talking about it with my friends/family back home in California because of the shame factor. Makes me retreat even more.

My boyfriend is an alcoholic, who did quit drinking at one point for 5 years, but now he is back on with his habit and it is a heavy habit, that includes drug use now. It makes it extremely difficult for me to deal with this issue, and I honestly am at a complete loss as to what to do at this point.

I appreciate your service, time, and attention to my email 🙂

Please help <3 Christina