Today was my first prenatal appointment with my doctor! Omg, I could not have imagined what was going to happen. I mean, I had hopes, but no real idea. Well, I didnt get the ultrasound that I wanted. But, I did get to hear the babys heart beat!! I have never experienced anything like that beofre! My husband was so excited that he could barely sit in his seat!! We also got a care package from my doctor, and found out that I will be going a town over to give birth. She said that she doesnt do that here. But, thats ok. She also told me that I have some testing to do. I have had some abnormalitys in my uterus, and she is going to take a closer look at it to see if everything is going to be safe for my baby. She told me not to stress about it, and not think about it. But, please keep your fingers crossed that everything will be ok. She said that chances are, everything will be fine. I really hope so. Have a good night. Bye!!

I got to hear my babys heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!