Well, my feet are beginning to swell. It’s the worse pain ever. I’m a shoe person, not much of a sandal person. Well, my shoe now fits me super tight. I can walk in them fine, but when it’s time to take my shoes off, I can see my sock lining marks and they hurt. 

So, I decided to just stop wearing my shoes for the pain. Today, I tried my leather sandals, and oh gosh, worse!

I now have like the worse pain. They hurt ever step I take. So, I now need to go buy myself new comfortable shoes. I don’t even care about the design. I’m looking for the kind of shoes that people say “Eww!,” but feel so great. Haha.

Other than my feet killing me, I’m fine. :)) I still want the weeks to go by faster. I just want my baby boy to come!

Talking about baby boy, I’m scared. My OB GYN doctor, already told me that I’m expecting a baby boy. He showed me my son’s penis and everything. 

Well, on Sunday, a woman at my church tells my family and I that she too was told that she was having a boy throughout her whole pregnancy and when the baby was born, it was a girl.

If at the end that were to happen to me, I wouldn’t mind. This baby is mine and I will accept him or she as he/she comes. But, I’ve already bought the boy clothing and we already have the Nursery Room planned. If the baby were to be born and if it were to be a girl, then what can we do. Try to return everything and exchange it for girl clothing?

I hope that this doesn’t happen to me. I already have my baby’s name chosen. He will be named Eliseo Roman. I really hope that everything comes out fine. I can only pray! :)))