my name is claressia when i was 18 i found out that i was two months pregnant at first it didnt hit me that i was no longer just supporting me i have to bring a child up in the world. i was with the babys dad for two years i though i was in love when he found out he pressered me into getting an abortion, he said that if i loved him i would do that for him. he even went to my parents and talked to them to see if they would support his desiion and of course they thought it would be best, i ended up getting it done, to this day i regret my decision of going through with it and giving up my baby. my boyfriend left me at 3 monthes pregnant and so i felt like i had no body. i went back to school and have found a amazing guy that understands me and treats me well he agrees that one day i will have another try at being a mom. i was not ready and i try to be strong but theres times that i just sit down and cry my eyes out but i no one day i will get to see my baby… momma love s you baby