Okay so i thought I might be pregnant yesterday but my symptoms have stopped which means it was probably all due to the fact that my period is coming (supposed to be on the 26th?) I guess i might be overreacting but part of me is losing hope…I'm jsut so fed up of being so excited of the slightest twing the minute change and the glimmer of hope that i might be pregnant. I sit here are make up excuses why I hvaven't felt other symptoms 'oh it's not the asme for everyone' 'as time goes on you'll get those symptoms' all that BS is just doing my head in and i know my fiance wants a baby as much as i do but it feels like i'm so much more  disapointed when I find out i'm not pregnant. Mabe because he' s not worried and knows it will happen soon i don't know. Am i too impatient?? should i leave it to God and know that it will happen when the time is right YES…does it take away the dissapointment I feel when I get a negetive pregnancy test?? NO…does it stop me worrying that after all this i might not be actualy able to have kids?? NO… I can't help but feel sad even if it is stupid to feel that way!……. (man i'm sooooooooo tired right now)